Contract Hire - Driver's Guide

This guide is designed to give you information about the services provided for Simpsons ŠKODA contract hire customers. Please take the time to read it so that you are aware of what you are entitled to under your contract hire agreement.

Your responsibilities

It is your responsibility as the hirer to ensure the vehicle is serviced at the manufacturer's recommended intervals by an authorised ŠKODA Retailer or repairer and, where applicable, that the vehicle has a current MOT certificate. You are responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is in good repair and condition at alltimes and for any damage caused to, or deterioration of, the vehicle other than through reasonable fair wearand tear. To help take care of your ŠKODA you should regularly: Check the engine oil level/coolant levels and refillas necessary in-between services Check tyre pressures, depth of tread and condition Check all lights and indicators You should follow the manufacturer guidelines on oil refills and the quality of oil to use. Failure to do so could significantly impact on the performance of your vehicle in a number of ways: Increased wear or overheating – leading to engine damage which will, in time, devalue the vehicle Exhaust poisoning – over time the wrong oil will block or poison the exhaust catalysts causing the vehicle to fail its emissions and control tests Increased fuel consumption Decreased service intervals If the vehicle is required to be repaired at any time during the contract for accidental damage or similar, please refer to specific requirements as mentioned in the terms and conditions of your agreement (section 9.4).

Fines and charges

You must pay any fines or charges relating to use of the vehicle immediately, e.g. parking fines, fixed penalty notices, traffic camera offences, congestion charges, etc. If we are required to pay a fine on your behalf, we will recharge your company along with an administration fee. We are obliged to provide any details that we have available (such as driver details), on demand from the police, to help identify the driver of any vehicle.

Fitting of non-standard equipment

Please ring 0844 579 0212 and select General Enquiries; available Monday - Friday, 8am - 8pm, Saturday, 9am - 5pm (Closed Sunday and Bank Holidays); to obtain written approval before any fitting is undertaken. The costs to fit/purchase and maintain ‘extras’ are solely at your expense. We recommend that all extras are supplied and fitted by an approved/qualified installer and that they conform to all legal requirements. Any consequential damage arising from the installation of extras must be repaired at your cost. At the end of the contract, any visible holes in the bodywork or trim must be repaired to the standard required by the supplying finance company. Any electrical alterations must be restored to the original standard.

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End of contract – vehicle return

We shall contact you before the end date of the contract to remind you that the vehicle is due for return. Our collection company will then contact you to make arrangements to inspect and collect the vehicle. All documentation must be available with inspection and returned with the vehicle as follows: Manufacturer's service book Spare key Driver handbook Satellite navigation disc (where applicable) You will be asked to sign a formal report of the vehicle condition. If it has sustained any damage beyond fair wear and tear including missing items or documentation (e.g. driver handbook, spare keys or original documentation), an appropriate charge will be incurred (for a definition of fair wear and tear, please refer to the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear guidelines). For each mile covered by the vehicle over the agreed annual mileage, or the maximum total mileage, you must pay us the excess mileage charge shown in your agreement.

End of contract – vehicle purchase

Providing they are not the hirer or lessee named in the contract an individual may be able to purchase the vehicle at the end of the contract period. If a member of your family or a colleague is interested in a purchase price then please call us on 0844 579 0212 and select option 2. Unfortunately, if you are hiring the vehicle as a sole trader or as a member of a partnership we cannot sell the vehicle to you. Directors of the hiring company are also not eligible to purchase vehicles at the contract end.

Cherished number plates

If you wish to transfer a cherished number plate onto our vehicle, you must first gain authorisation from us by calling 0844 579 0212 and select General Enquiries. If you wish to assign a cherished registration number, we will complete the process for you as we are unable to release the registration documents to a third party. The registration number will be assigned to the vehicle and we will charge a £50 (including VAT) administration fee for each plate change. This is in addition to any costs associated with the assignment or retention of the cherished plate. The cherished plate must be removed before the end of the hiring period. Please allow two months for this process.

Road Fund Licence

The Road Fund Licence is included in your contract and will be issued to you automatically. It is therefore important that you keep your contact details with us up to date. If you have a specific enquiry, please contact us on 0844 579 0212 and select General Enquiries.

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Foreign travel

You must get our authority to take the vehicle outside the UK. Before taking it overseas, please ensure you obtain a letter of authority – Form VE103 – from us as we are the registered keeper of the vehicle. Please apply at least 14 days before the date of travel providing the name and addresses of all those driving the vehicle, registration number, departure and return date You must inform your company’s insurance department to arrange a ‘Green Card’, and ensure you have adequate insurance cover for the country you are visiting. Visit www. for more information. Please note that we will not be liable for any cost arising from use of the vehicle outside of the UK. Whilst abroad the vehicle is not covered for breakdown, repair or vehicle hire. You are strongly advised to take out the necessary breakdown cover and check any local conditions or laws before you travel.

MOT certificate

An MOT test is not required in the first three years of a vehicle’s life. When an inspection is required an authorised ŠKODA Retailer or repairer should undertake it.

Non maintenance contracts

If you have elected to maintain your contract hire vehicle yourself (non-maintenance contract) you need to be aware of the following responsibilities in line with the terms and conditions of your contract (section 9.4):

Service and maintenance

Service and maintenance – ensure our vehicle is serviced and maintained at an authorised ŠKODA Retailer or repairer strictly in line with recommended manufacturer guidelines using only genuine approved parts.


When worn or damaged our vehicle must have the tyres replaced with the same specification as originally supplied with the vehicle. This is in accordance with the manufacturer's standard specification. The load and speed rating should match the original specification. For further information please refer to the driver handbook supplied with the vehicle