The All New Skoda Superb

The all-new Superb benefits from a total interior design overhaul which combines intuitive controls with increased interior space and sustainable materials – read below for a detailed overview of the new features.

At a glance

  • New, clean interior design: uncluttered centre console with gear lever on the steering column for more storage space; new Ergo seats with pneumatically controlled massage.
  • More intuitive controls: Škoda Smart Dials combining haptic and digital features
  • 13-inch free-standing infotainment display, newly conceived centre console with 15-watt Wireless charging including cooling for one smartphone
  • Sustainability: all textiles in the interior are made of 100 per cent recycled materials
  • Connectivity features: mobile online services, infotainment apps and Functions on Demand

The Jumbo Box (located in the centre armrest) now has a total storage capacity of 5.5 litres. A hand rest makes it easy and comfortable to use the central touchscreen display, which measures 13 inches on the diagonal. The 13-inch central multi‑touch display is part of the standard infotainment system and features DAB+ radio reception as well as gesture and voice control. A 10-inch Virtual Cockpit comes as standard, while an optional head-up display is available for the first time on the Superb.

Škoda Smart Dials combine digital and haptic elements

The three multifunctional Škoda Smart Dials are located below the infotainment. They can be operated by turning and pressing, and each carries a digital colour display with a 32-millimetre diameter. The controls allow quick access to numerous vehicle functions and feature a Unique Dark Chrome finish. Drivers can customise the centre Smart Dial to control up to four of the following functions:

  • Infotainment volume
  • Fan speed
  • Air direction
  • Smart air conditioning
  • Driving modes
  • Map zoom

Four additional hardware buttons between the dials provide direct access to windscreen ventilation, rear window heating, air recirculation and automatic air conditioning functions. The climate control menu is another new feature which will be available soon. It provides quick access to all heating functions for the seats, steering wheel, windscreen and rear window via a single heaters button. The detailed configuration is done in the infotainment system’s Air Conditioning menu.

The all-new Superb also comes with a new 15-watt wireless charging for a smartphone and also cools the device during the process. The vehicle is equipped with four 45-watt USB-C ports as standard, two at the front and two at the rear. An extra 15-watt USB-C port on the back of the interior mirror is also included as standard . The 45-watt ports can be used to power laptops, in addition to charging smartphones and tablets. Eight speakers in the door panels and a central speaker in the instrument panel are provided as standard . A Canton Sound System with 14 speakers, including two surround speakers, is available as an option.

Design Selections and many sustainable materials

The Superb adopts the new Škoda range structure, offering customers a choice of Design Selections. The Loft Design Selection with black and grey fabrics is included with the basic SE Technology trim level. SE L comes standard with Suite Black Design Selection and the option to upgrade to Suite Cognac Design Selection. L&K will come standard with L&K Suite Black Design Selection with the option to upgrade to L&K Suite Cognac Design Selection.

L&K Suite Design Selection with black or cognac-coloured leather/leatherette

The Superb L&K offers the exclusive L&K Suite Design Selection with perforated black leather/leatherette as standard; cognac-coloured leather/leatherette is available as an option. The cognac is sustainably tanned using the residue of olive production. The headrests are adorned with embossed Laurin & Klement lettering. A sliding rear centre armrest and a Canton sound system with 14 speakers are also standard.

Trim Level

SE Technology


Laurin & Klement

Design Selection



Suite Black

Suite Cognac

L&K Suite Black

L&K Suite Cognac

Seat Upholstery

Black & Grey fabric

Black & Grey Artisyn fabric

Black Leather/ Artficial leather

Cognac Leather/ Artificial leather

Black Leather/ Artificial leather

Cognac Leather/ Artificial leather

All textiles in the all-new Superb – including the headliner – are made of 100 per cent recycled materials. The cognac leather in the Suite and L&K Suite Design Selections is tanned using waste water from olive processing. The umbrella and ice scraper are also made from sustainable materials. All chrome elements in the interior have been replaced with the new Unique Dark Chrome trim. The two-spoke multifunction steering wheel bears the new Škoda logo and the rear-view mirror is frameless and dims automatically.

Three seat variants

The Superb offers three different front-seat configurations. The Design Selections Loft with fabric upholstery and Lounge with perforated Microsuede add a manually adjustable cushion length, an electrically adjustable backrest angle, 4‑way lumbar support and a massage function with three air cushions. The Suite versions feature heated and ventilated Ergo seats with perforated leather/artificial leather upholstery and seat memory for both front seats including Smart Comfort Entry. Their enhanced massage function uses ten pneumatically controlled air cushions and can be operated from the infotainment menu or via controls on the seat trim.

28 Simply Clever features available for the Superb, depending on the trim level

  • Smart Dials
  • Parking ticket clip
  • Ice scraper made from sustainable materials on the fuel filler flap
  • Pen holder, slot for coins and grip for removable sunglasses compartment in the glove box
  • Easy-open cupholder
  • Foldable bag hooks in the boot
  • B-pillar hooks
  • Misfuelling prevention device
  • Button-operated folding of rear backrest from the boot
  • Four lashing eyelets in the boot
  • High-visibility vest storage in all doors
  • Rear-view camera washer
  • 5-litre bottle holder in the front and rear doors
  • Removable sunglasses compartment in the Jumbo Box
  • Storage tray in the Jumbo Box
  • Mobile phone pockets on the backs of the front seats
  • USB port in the rear-view mirror
  • Storage compartment in the driver’s door panel, including umbrella made from sustainable materials
  • Two cargo elements in the boot
  • Funnel integrated into the lid of the windscreen washer tank
  • Electronic child lock


  • Multi-purpose storage pocket under the boot cover for the hatch version
  • Electrically operated load cover for estate
  • Multi-purpose storage pocket under the boot cover, now with additional bag hooks
  • Door-panel waste bin
  • Sleep package (upgraded headrests, blanket)
  • Tablet holder on the headrest
  • Rear armrest with integrated cup/tablet holder, now adjustable lengthwise

Permanent internet connection enables online features

A permanent internet connection allows for ‘over the air’ updates of the infotainment system, online-based route planning and mobile online services from Škoda Connect. Among these are Proactive Service and Remote Access as part of Infotainment Online and Care Connect. Special features for the Superb Estate iV plug-in hybrid include Remote Charging, Remote Air Conditioning and Departure Planner, with Plug & Charge to be added at a later date. The infotainment experience also includes Weather, News, Traffic, Calendar, Offers and Pay to Park infotainment apps. Navigation, ACC, additional colours and functions for the ambient lighting and High Beam Control can be added online as Functions on Demand.

The Modern Solid design language is seen again after featuring on the all-new Kodiaq, with sculptural, sharply-drawn lines and clearly defined dynamic proportions whilst improving on aerodynamic properties compared to the previous car. Drag co-efficient (cd) figures of just 0.23 and 0.25 for the hatchback and estate respectively go toward making the all-new Superb the most efficient yet.

Elsewhere, the exterior benefits from a sharp new octagonal Škoda grille, premium Unique Dark Chrome finish, and LED Matrix beam headlights that are standard on L&K derivatives. These feature 36 individual matrix segments, which can be controlled separately to avoid dazzling other road users and deliver 40 per cent more light than the first generation system.

SuperbCombi_side_left.jpg ()

Longer and taller

The all-new Superb has grown compared to the previous car for more passenger space than before. Length has grown by at least 40mm, while height has increased by 5mm in the estate and 12mm in the hatchback, which gives up to 11mm more headroom in the front seats and 8mm in the rear. Vehicle width has decreased by 15mm, promising greater manoeuvrability in urban environments.

Boot space has also appreciably grown, with the hatchback now featuring 645 litres and the estate boasting 690 – a 20 and 30 litre increase.

SuperbCombi_boot04.jpg ()

Interior highlights

Smart Dials make a welcome re-appearance in the new Superb after making their debut in the all-new Kodiaq, which cleverly combine haptic and digital user interface elements into one driver-friendly experience. Operated by turning and pressing, the 32mm colour screen can display multiple functions, including interior temperature, seat heating, infotainment volume, driving modes and more.

Elsewhere, a new free-standing infotainment display measuring up to 13 inches is complemented by a 10-inch Virtual Cockpit and an optional heads-up display. The gear selector has also moved to the steering column for better ergonomics, whilst freeing up more storage space in the centre console. All materials inside are 100 per cent recycled for a greater emphasis on sustainability.

Superb_34dashboard interior.jpg ()

Powertrains fit for 2024 and beyond

The all-new Superb features the second-generation PHEV unit with an all-electric WLTP range of over 62 miles in the estate, paired with a new and highly efficient 1.5 TSI petrol engine for a combined power output of 204PS.

Customers can also choose between an entry-level 1.5 TSI unit with mild-hybrid technology or a 2.0 TSI with all-wheel drive, and diesel choices include a 2.0 TDI in two states of tune: 150 or 193PS.

Superb_34rear_right.jpg ()

All Superb variants will come with DSG gearboxes as standard, and the optional new DCC Plus generation of Dynamic Chassis Control offers faster responses and a wider range of suspension settings, from luxurious comfort to pronounced dynamic ability.

Advanced safety

The fourth-generation Superb will offer enhanced intelligent assistance systems that are new to the model, such as Turn Assist and Emergency Steering Assist. Other systems that were already available in the predecessor – such as Travel Assist, Side Assist and Front Assist – have been significantly improved.

In the event of an accident, Crew Protect Assist and up to ten airbags keep occupants safe. Thanks to rigorous testing and the latest technology, the all-new Superb will offer its occupants the best possible safety.

SuperbCombi_seats_front.jpg ()

The Superb name has represented the top tier of engineering excellence for the Czech car brand since 2001 when the first modern model launched. After 1,600,000 cars have rolled off the production line, the all-new Superb is set to raise the standard higher than ever before when it launches next year.