Request a Showroom Appointment with an Advisor

One Appointment. One Advisor. One Hour

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone – just one person – could tailor the entire purchasing experience to you, expressing a total respect for your time and your family’s safety?

Pre-booked showroom appointments with one of our expert advisors, who’s sole aim will be to provide you with a safe, timely and thoroughly pleasant customer experience, will be available from Monday 1st June.

We are ready for your visit

Our teams have worked tirelessly to provide facilities for customers and staff to be safe in, following strict COVID-19 guidelines. From PPE (personal protective equipment) provision, intense cleaning schedules, along with informative signage and floor markings for social distancing, we are ready.

We have missed the interaction with our customers, and look forward to a return to doing what we do best and providing a safe, relaxed and positive experience that’s second to none.

To ensure you have a safe and comfortable visit, please arrange an appointment so we can look after you accordingly.

Please complete the form below to request a showroom appointment.