​Lancashire Police Takes Delivery of Its New Skoda Fleet​

If you’ve been driving on Lancashire’s roads recently, you may have noticed some brand-new 23 plate Skoda police cars on the region’s roads. This is because Lancashire constabulary have received 120 brand new Skoda’s, to support its fleet expansion. It’s a project we are proud to have been apart of having completed the pre-delivery inspections of the new Skoda fleet and having been apart of the logistics effort.

92 Skoda Scala standard response ‘beat’ cars have joined the force, equipped with 1.0 TSI petrol engines and DSG transmissions. They have been added to the force’s line-up as the workhorse of the fleet and will be used by primary responders patrolling Lancashire’s neighbourhoods daily. They are fitted with full police livery and integrated emergency warning systems.

Lancashire’s Road Policing Unit have also received 21 new Superb hatch 2.0 TSI 280 DSG SportLine Plus models. With 276BHP and a 0-60mph time of just 5.8 seconds, combined with 625 litres of boot space, the Superb offers a great all-round package. They have been fitted with CCTV, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), along with a message board in the rear window and full police livery.

Lancashire Police head of fleet Tony Deus said: "We already have an excellent track record with Skoda cars on our current fleet - so much so our officers have bought their own.

"Expanding our fleet with this significant order of cars means we can complete our duties knowing we have reliable, dependable cars that fit the bill perfectly.

"There's an excellent pedigree that comes with Skoda police vehicles. They're safe for our officers and we know there's the back-up of Skoda's comprehensive service."