2019 - start of production of the ŠKODA SUPERB PHEV, the brand’s first plug-in hybrid and the launch of the ŠKODA eCITIGO, the brand’s first purely electric car

2020 - unveiling of ŠKODA’s electric SUV, the mass-produced version of its VISION E concept

2025 - 10 electrified models, of which 6 fully electric vehicles

By 2025, ŠKODA’s portfolio will include 10 electrified models in various segments, six of which will be all-electric, the others will be plug-in hybrids and hybrids. In addition, models featuring highly efficient internal combustion engines will also continue to be made. They could be delivering even cleaner and even thriftier operation by combining natural gas (CNG) – as an alternative fuel – and an electric rear axle. This hybrid technology was demonstrated by VISION X, the latest hybrid SUV study. All cars will continue to be manufactured in the Czech Republic, along with electrical components for the plug-in hybrids of all Volkswagen Group brands.

The development of these vehicles and related technology is among the objectives pursued by ŠKODA's Strategy 2025 and is the fruit borne of major investment in research and development. “By 2022, we will be investing a full two billion euros into electromobility and new mobile services. These investments encompass new products and the production, purchasing, quality and launch of new vehicles. This is the biggest investment programme in ŠKODA’s history,” explains Bernhard Maier, ŠKODA AUTO Board Chairman. ŠKODA, then, has been thoroughly primed for the onset of motoring’s electric age.